MOMRAH: under-construction buildings overlooking commercial streets must be covered for safety purposes

The Ministry of Municipal Rural Affairs and Housing (MOMRAH) has announced issuance of a guide titled "Covering Buildings Under Construction" located in commercial streets as part of its efforts to contribute to reducing visual distortion and raising awareness about regulatory and municipal requirements in construction areas within cities. MOMRAH emphasizes that the mandatory implementation of the guidelines will ensure safety, contribute to organizing construction sites and their permits according to unified standards that improve the quality of the urban landscape and contribute to its sustainability.

MOMRAH clarified that the decision to require covering buildings under construction on commercial streets aims to protect workers, pedestrians, and adjacent buildings from the effects of construction. The decision includes procedures that are implemented based on the building's construction status. Existing buildings are given a grace period of 6 months to comply, starting from the date of the guide's approval. On the other hand, buildings that have not obtained their construction permits are required to fulfill certain requirements imposed by the authorized engineering office. These requirements include specifying the type of building covering, the specifications of the materials used for covering during the building's design, ensuring implementation of the covering, conducting regular maintenance, and reporting non-compliance to the relevant authorities. Contractors will be obligated to cover buildings under construction starting from 12/3/1445H (26/09/2023G), and penalties will be applied to violators.

The "Covering Buildings Under Construction" guide includes various requirements and provisions, and it can be accessed through the following link: