More than 22 thousand employees of the municipal sector participate in serving the pilgrims and 28 municipal service centers has been prepared in the holy sites

The Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs, and Housing confirmed the readiness of its municipal services system in Makkah and the holy sites to serve pilgrims during this year’s Hajj season 1445 H, and to provide the best services so that they can perform their rituals with ease and reassurance under the slogan “we facilitate.”

MOMRAH said that Makkah Municipality and the sub-secretariats are fully equipped to serve pilgrims, as more than 22,000 municipal sector employees and 2,000 volunteers participate in providing multiple municipal services. Twenty-eight service centers and eight emergency work centers have been prepared.

MOMRAH indicated that the readiness of cleaning work in the Holy Sites has been increased through the participation of more than 13 cleaners, and the preparation of nearly 88 waste containers, in addition to 113 warehouses and 1135 waste compaction boxes.

The Ministry reiterated the readiness of municipal plans, programs, and services related to maintaining public health, food safety, and cleaning work within the holy sites, in addition to road maintenance, operating lighting systems, and cleaning rainwater and flood drainage networks in order to ensure the highest levels of safety and comfort for pilgrims during their stay.

The Ministry drew attention to the fact that the work teams in the Municipality of the Holy Capital and its affiliated secretariat are working 24/7 for continuous and accurate field follow-up to ensure the application of the highest standards of quality and efficiency in performing work and providing the best municipal services, to achieve the highest levels of care and public safety for the pilgrims.