Al-Hogail meets with the head of the Investment Office of the Turkish Presidency in Istanbul to discuss enhancing cooperation opportunities between the two countries

His Excellency the Minister of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing, Mr. Majid bin Abdullah Al-Hogail, met today with the President of the Investment Office affiliated with the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, Mr. Burak Daglioglu, where His Excellency emphasized during the meeting the depth and strength of the bilateral relations between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Republic of Turkey, noting the commercial and investment relations between both countries.

This was at the beginning of His Excellency's official visit to the Republic of Turkey during the period July 2-4, during which he meets with a number of officials and companies to discuss enhancing cooperation and investment opportunities between both countries in the fields of real estate development, infrastructure, and waste management.

His Excellency emphasized that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia welcomes all global companies and consulting firms in all development sectors, and he also stressed that Turkish investment companies operating in the real estate, waste management and recycling sectors have the experience and capabilities that qualify them to enter the Saudi market. At the same time, he welcomes the interest of the Turkish side and companies to invest in these fields within the Kingdom.

The meeting addressed cooperation and exchange of experiences regarding the strategies of the two countries in improving the real estate investment environment, developing economic zones, activating public-private partnerships, and promoting real estate investment at the international level. Additionally, it aimed to link Saudi and Turkish companies in the real estate development sector in order to enhance cooperation, share successful experiences, and support major and emerging projects in both countries, as well as explore current and future investment opportunities.

Al-Hogail also discussed exchanging experiences with the Turkish side in the application of sustainable construction technologies, including building materials, renewable energy systems, water management, and smart designs, which make real estate projects more attractive to investors and contribute to environmental protection, opening up new horizons for cooperation and enhancing joint investments between both countries.

The meeting aims to attract leading Turkish companies in the fields of waste management, recycling, and road infrastructure, and to create consortiums between Saudi and Turkish contractors in these areas. It also involves following up on ongoing work between the Ministry and the Turkish counterparts, reviewing current challenges, and proposing solutions. The visit includes meetings between the Saudi and Turkish sides to discuss a number of files related to construction, real estate development, and infrastructure development.