Balady navigation maps

Balady App provides users with an advanced navigation system through the “Balady Maps” feature, which includes a set of data and information updated daily, needed by city residents and visitors for easy navigation and reaching their destinations.

This feature is part of the efforts of the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing to enhance digital transformation, especially in the smart municipalities sector, and to rely on modern technologies in order to improve the quality of life for city residents by enabling them to reach their daily destinations more easily.

The “Balady Maps” feature meets the needs of residents and visitors of Saudi cities by providing a local alternative for intra-city transportation and exploring its landmarks, as well as contributing to enhancing the quality of services by providing information about the movement between the daily destinations of the residents.

These Maps further provide qualitative features starting from the city of Riyadh; they enable users to view traffic alerts such as knowing the speed limits while driving, in addition to displaying the indoor details of shopping centers through a 3D map, as well as knowing the expected arrival time.

“Balady Maps” feature aims, in the next phase, to add more qualitative features and more accurate information, and to expand the services to cover various geographic regions of the Kingdom, as well as to include qualitative features that allow exploring the cities of the Kingdom through an interactive map using high-precision data about businesses, events, speed alerts, weather conditions, and others.

It is worth noting that “Balady Maps” feature was launched as part of the activities of the Global Smart City Forum last February. This is within the Ministry’s plan to continuously develop and improve the services to satisfy the aspirations of city residents and visitors. Join us in the digital transformation journey by downloading the Balady app through the link and enjoy a new urban and digital experience