Ministry Agency for Housing Supply Stimulus and Real Estate Development: 74 residential projects within developer incentive initiatives in cooperation with the Quality of Life Program

The Agency for Housing Supply Stimulus and Real Estate Development at the Ministry of Municipal Rural Affairs and Housing has announced implementation of "Ajwed" initiative in 74 housing projects. The aim of this initiative is to assess sustainability and issue a "Sustainable" certificate, contributing to the improvement of the quality of housing products, meeting the aspirations of Saudi families, and providing an advanced living environment that meets their needs and enhances their well-being. The agency emphasized that this initiative is carried out in cooperation with the Quality of Life Program to support and stimulate real estate developers, ensuring the improvement of project quality.

Mostadam Certificate is granted to communities and residential and commercial buildings based on classifications that measure the sustainability of these projects. This initiative, in conjunction with the "Ajwed" program, is part of MOMRAH’s efforts to enhance its contribution to the Quality of Life Program and achieve the goals of Vision 2030. This is done by applying sustainability and quality of life standards, increasing green spaces per capita, promoting environmentally friendly plant cultivation, providing safe pedestrian and cycling paths, and reducing water waste through reuse in gardens and green spaces.

The initiative's standards are part of the Agency's efforts to encourage real estate developers to adopt quality and sustainability standards in their projects, aiming to provide advanced infrastructure for beneficiaries and contribute to enhancing the urban landscape in Saudi cities. These standards include sustainability, quality of life, provision of green spaces, and reduction of energy and water consumption.

The initiative comes in collaboration with the Quality of Life program to support real estate developers by initiating the registration and review process for sustainability assessment service requests and obtaining Mostadam Certificate through the Sustainable Construction Electronic Platform.

Mostadam Certificate increases the technical evaluation points for real estate development companies, improving energy and water resource management efficiency, enhancing the local identity in urban areas, reducing operational costs, relying on clean energy sources, reducing carbon emissions, supporting the operational cycle, and providing a suitable environment for sports activities and promoting population health.

The Agency enables real estate developers interested in these standards to visit the website, access guidelines and procedures, and register through the following link: